Nupur Birmiwal - AIR 20 CA Final May 2017 - Chennai
Nupur Birmiwal

I’m Nupur Birmiwal from Chennai. My father is a lawyer and a businessman, my mother is a homemaker. My elder brother is also a CA and is currently pursuing his MBA from prestigious IIM-A. Since my schooling I’ve had a passion for numbers. Further, my brother was a source of inspiration for me to pursue this reputed course and the vast career opportunity it offered.

My first reaction

Honestly, my first reaction as that of surprise before ecstasy settled in. I owe my success to god’s grace, my parent’s immense support but most of all to my brother who is also a CA and was the source of constant source of motivation and inspiration. He’s also a ranker in both CA IPCC and CA FINAL and has always inspired me to aim and achieve higher and it is to him that I owe my success to.


I have pursued my internship at Manohar Chowdhry & Associates. It has helped a lot in preparations as it puts a practical perspective to
theoretical knowledge and helps in easy understanding of the subjects. Subjects like SFM and tax became very easy as I had handed many valuation and tax advisory assignments.

Further, I’m grateful to my partners and managers for always motivating me to outperform and achieve better.


I attended coaching for practical subjects and prepared theory subjects on my own. There is no hard and fast rule that coaching has to be attended or self-study gives the best results. Self-study is definitely enough but again it depends on the level of clarity in concepts one has as coaching classes basically assists in understanding of concepts.


A. Study schedule:
My basic study schedule was to complete a subject in planned number of days, taking one to two subjects at a time, completing it and then
moving on to other subjects. Further, during exams I revised the entire practice manual again within the 1.5 days and it helped a lot in cracking the exam.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
I have a personal liking towards SFM and DT. However, overall I took efforts to give equal importance to all subjects and not categorize as
easy or hard as I probably end up losing marks on “easy subjects” due to overconfidence/lack of preparation. However, in theory subjects, a
little extra efforts had to go than the practical ones as not mere concept clarity is not sufficient in theory but also a way of putting
across answers to score maximum.

Books and e-sources

ICAI publications are a “must-do” for all subjects apart from RTP, suggested answers for the past five years and study materials. ICAI
publications are the most important source as almost all questions are picked from them for the exam.

Mock tests

I attended the institute’s mock test conducted in April. It helps in building upon time management and evaluation of preparation and areas of improvement and is necessary as it helps in understanding the exam pattern so as to minimize surprises in exam hall.

Rank and preparation

I always dreamed and aimed for a Rank. Further, my brother was also a ranker at IPCC and Final level and was a source of inspiration as I had seen first hand the benefits of having such a academic profile. Also, the fact that I was a ranker at CA IPCC (AIR 48) and CS Executive (AIR 3) also was further motivation to met the expectation of another rank. However, at the end of the day, rank is a relative concept where it depends on how others do the exam more than how I do it so I did not have a rank number in mind. The dream to achieve rank and the one-shot chance to perform in itself is motivation enough to keep the momentum going.

Future Plans

I am open to options in the corporate world. However, having a passion for consultancy, I wish to build a career in the same in one of the top consulting firms.

ICAI Campus

I am staying updated on current affairs and brushing up on latest topics like GST.

Advice to fellow students

Aim, commit and achieve. Aim for a rank…it’s very much possible. Every one puts in efforts; it’s the little extra aim which gives the needed push to outperform and achieve a rank. Most of all have passion for CA or for that matter any other thing you’re taking up as it is the most important constituent and goes a long way in ensuring success as I will give in my best for what I’m passionate towards and that in
itself will ensure success in CA to start with.