Gururaj Lunkad - AIR 30 CA Final May 2017 - Pune, Maharashtra
Gururaj Lunkad

Hi! I’m Gururaj Vaibhav Lunkad. I’m from Pune, Maharashtra. I’ve graduated from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) and did my schooling from Symbiosis School. My family consists of me, my mom and my dad. Even though my parents come from a medical background, I had decided to enter the field of Chartered Accountancy in the seventh standard since I was really passionate about numbers and money management since childhood.

My first reaction

I literally froze when the result flashed on the screen and my joy knew no bounds! The best moment is when you see your name with the tag of All India Rank. No doubt I worked really hard for it but equal credit goes to my parents who left no stone unturned and always supported me throughout my journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant.


I did my internship from Price Waterhouse, Pune (PwC Network Firm) in Assurance Line of Service. These three years of my life, though very rigorous, moulded me into a well-equipped and a confident professional and gave a great boost of confidence for my future career aspirations apart from excellent technical experience.


I had joined coaching classes for majority of the subjects, parts of which I missed due to my internship commitments. I personally feel coaching classes do play a role in building a foundation and conceptual clarity and helps you to save a lot of time. But at the same time it’s not a necessity. One can have a consistent, planned self study approach and still clear with a good score provided you stick to the plan.


A. Study schedule:
I started my preparation for the final exams from December 15th when I got study leave from my firm. Before the leave started, I made sure I had all the required study material, completed class notes or publications which I am going to use for each subject. My strategy was that I used to take one subject at a time and complete it 90-100% and then take up the next subject, preferably completing practical subjects in the beginning. I used the strategy of READ-UNDERSTAND-ABSORB-PRACTICE-REVISE. By mid of March I had completed all the subjects along with the solving of Practice Manual.

My daily schedule wasn’t fixed but I used to ensure that I stick to my study plan and putting in atleast 10-12 effective hours of study.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
I did not consider any subject as a strong subject as such. My strategy was to ensure that I get atleast an exemption in all the subjects and so I focused equally on all of them in the first reading. Later on I realised that I need more revision for Audit and ISCA and so I paid more attention to these subjects and revised them well multiple times.

I have also written a detailed answer of my preparation for Audit here.

Books and e-sources

I would recommend to completely focus on the ICAI Study Material and preparing own handwritten short notes for revision. One can use individual class notes for conceptual clarity but from exam perspective, ICAI Study Material should be treated as the Holy Bible.

Mock tests

Yes, I had attended one mock test towards the end of March and I would highly recommend every student to go for atleast one mock test series for all the subjects. Firstly, it helps you to assess your level of preparation and addresses various aspects like how revise the entire syllabus in 1.5 days before each paper, how to set the priority of questions in the 15 mins time allotted by ICAI, how to fully utilize the 3 hours, etc. Further it helps you to identify where you need to focus more and sharpen your skills in the specific areas which you are lacking in.

Rank and preparation

I never studied with the sole aim of getting a rank in CA Final. I was determined to perform my best in every paper and clear with an exemption in all the subjects. I would like to quote Rancho from 3 idiot where he says, “Follow excellence and success will chase you.” I truly believe in this principle and it has always worked for me.

It’s very easy to lose the momentum due to the gargantuan syllabus, but if you are really passionate about it, you’ll automatically get the energy and motivation to work hard.

Future Plans

I am looking forward to a career in the field of Finance/Management Consulting.

ICAI Campus

I ensure that I’m well updated with the recent developments.

Advice to fellow students

Give 110% to your preparation without leaving anything for option from the syllabus.

Our nation needs smart, well-equipped Chartered Accountants. So work hard and make yourself worthy of the tag of “Chartered Accountant”.