Geethika Haridas - AIR 10 CA Final May 2017 - Bangalore, Karnataka
Geethika Haridas

My name is Geethika Haridas. I secured a rank of 1 at the IPCC examination and a rank of 10 in the recent CA Final Examination. I come from a family of Chartered Accountants (both my parents are Chartered Accountants). Apart from academics, I am a trained Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam dancer and have also been trained in Indian Carnatic Music.

I was a science student in the 11th and 12th grade having chosen the Computer Science Stream. However, I came to realise that my interest did not lie in Engineering and decided to pursue CA midway through 12th grade. Looking back, it’s been such a good decision and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my parents.

My first reaction

I was elated to see my results, As there was a problem in accessing the marksheet, I decided to check the Merit List and was overjoyed on finding my name there.

My family has been such an integral part- my parents for all the support and my sister for being such an inspiration to me. There was also excellent guidance form teachers and seniors who had been through the process which helped me too.


I did my internship from a mid size firm in Bangalore. Your articleship is very important in scoring well for the final exams. It helps in answering the practical questions asked. Furthermore, for me, it also greatly helped in the learning process having seen the practical side of all that we study.


The key to the preparation of the final exam is consistency. I has decided very early on that I would be consistent throughout to ensure that I was thoroughly familiar with the syllabus before my exam leave began. This also is key to ensuring that you remain stress free in those few months before the exam.

Coaching classes do lay a good foundation, but they’re not absolutely necessary. I do believe that it also involves a lot of individual prep too. A consistent and dedicated approach is required for this.


A. Study schedule:
I tried and reviewed the things we were taught at class on the same day for all the practical subjects. For the few months before the exam, it is very critical to plan your schedule to ensure that you complete on time. This can be done subject wise to ensure that one devotes sufficient time for all subjects with a strong emphasis on the weak ones. Once the schedule is prepares, it is absolutely necessary to stick with it.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
I didn’t particularly have any strong or weak subjects. However, even though I did not fully enjoy preparing for the weak subjects, I ensured that I did devote enough time to it.

Books and e-sources

The only resource I would recommend and this is very important to your success in the examination is the Institute Material. They are absolutely necessary and must not be skipped. Both the study material and the practice manual are equally important.

Mock tests

I did not attend the mock tests conducted by the Institute. However, I did practice many of them during my last month of prep. I set aside 3 hours every day for these exams, wrote them under exam conditions and corrected my paper against the suggested answers. This helped me more than I can say and I would strongly recommend this.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for a rank. Keeping that objective in mind does help during the process. Moreover, I made sure to enjoy what I was studying and that, I believe, is important to keep the momentum going.

It is a stressful course, but ensure not to take any stress. Incorporating other activities in your day helps maintain a balance.

Future Plans

I’d like to make a career for myself in Management Consulting.

ICAI Campus

I am trying to ensure that I keep myself abreast of the latest developments in the professional world.

Advice to fellow students

There are no shortcuts to success. I find a lot of students asking how to get the maximum marks with minimum efforts. There is no way that I know of. Be willing to put in every ounce of your effort wholeheartedly into your preparation. It’s also important to know what works for you and make your schedule/plan accordingly. Don’t simply adopt an approach which may not work for you.

Be consistent, keep away from the stress and enjoy the process as much as you can! Good luck to everyone!