Abhiram Bhalerao - AIR 27 CA Final May 2017 - Pune, Maharashtra
Abhiram Bhalerao

I am Abhiram Bhalerao, Chartered Accountant, and I am 22 years old. I am currently working with Deloitte as a Senior Associate and there are five members in my family, my father, mother, two sisters and me. My father is a Chartered Accountant and the level of knowledge and expertise which this field offers was one of the major reasons for my choice.

My first reaction

To be honest, the rank came as a very pleasant surprise. My entire family was in tears of joy. I want to give the entire credit to my parents for their relentless support and my teachers and well wishers.


I did my internship with Deloitte in the Assurance Service Line. The knowledge of how a business works and the taxation, legal and other improvements in the accounting world played a pivotal role in my preparation.


I believe that CA final is entirely about self study only. Coaching institutes should only be relied upon for subjects like ISCA, which a normal student isn’t that familiar with.


A. Study schedule:
I believe consistent studies is the key, one should regularly switch between theory and practical subjects and target atleast 2-3 subjects a day. I gave equal importance to all papers and did not target any individual paper.

Books and e-sources

Recommended books would definitely be the ICAI material and your own self notes.

Mock tests

Mock tests are like a dress rehearsal of sorts. I will definitely recommend giving atleast one as it indeed helped me in my preparation.

Rank and preparation

I never prepared with the intention of a Rank, it was all about being 110% prepared on the day of the paper.

Future Plans

I wish to enter the field of consulting and advisory services.

ICAI Campus

I think keeping updated with the development of the Accounting, Auditing, Legal and Tax aspects is the way to go!

Advice to fellow students

Never give up, persevere, study passionately and conceptually and then nothing can stop you!