Vasu Goyal
Vasu Goyal

I basically belong to Rajgarh dist churu a town in Rajasthan. I did my schooling and B. Com. from there only. I have chosen for CA because my brother insisted me to do so. As I was from Hindi medium background I wrote CPT in Hindi and in that, without any coaching, I scored 150 marks.

Later, I shifted to Jaipur for IPCC and opted for English medium for the very first time. But due to B. Com. exams and health issues, I took too leaves from the classes and eventually decided to skip the attempt. But it proved to be worth while. When I scored 516 in IPCC and was just 4 marks short from AIR and that with English medium. Which meant a lot to me. After that I joined for articleship in Rajasthan’s largest firm Kalani and Company and in CA final scored AIR 42.

My first reaction

I was with my best friend and one of my friend told me the result over phone. He said that I had cleared, that time me and my friend were like .. on Cloud9 . But the moment he told that I have got AIR-42 .. we both gone mad out of happiness. I could not describe that moment of joy, and could see in her eyes how proud she was 🙂 . It feels just awesome when you make your loved ones proud.

The credit goes to my family. Particularly my parents for their support and believe in me and my eldest brother who insisted me to do CA. And my elder brother who suffered a lot to make me do this.

Apart from my family, I would also like to thank my best friend who was always there to make me feel alive during exams. She made me sharp enough to make me answer questions which I could never answer.


My internship was from Kalani and Company, Jaipur and the guidance of mentors and seniors helped me a lot to face that exam atmosphere.
When I see back from the day IPCC result was out, I feel that the experience and exposure which I had during my internship made me confident on my thoughts. Now I am able to express my thoughts in front of others.

Advise to all don’t go for dummy, being at good office like I had you can easily get good marks and crack the exams.


I did attended coaching for theory subjects and SFM. It helps to improve your knowledge and techniques to remember things. But you also have to do on your own part to make sure that your self studies are perfect to get you through.


I used to study in shifts. Morning post breakfast till lunch. Then till tea time. After that up till I take dinner and after dinner until I could be awake.

As I switched from Hindi medium to English at IPCC, therefore theory subjects were my weakness. But I used to teach my best friend both law and audit, that helped me a lot to improve. Apart from this, regular studies and attention to theory subject made me enough confident to get more than just the passing marks.

Books and e-sources

Course material: practice maunal is must to be done .. And apart from this..what I used ..

  • Accounts: Praveen Sharma
  • SFM: Sanjay sarf
  • Law: Siddharth Agarwal
  • Audit: Siddharth Agarwal
  • Costing: Sanjay Agarwal
  • ISCA: Swapnil Patni
  • DT: Vinod Gupta
  • IDT: Yogendra Bangar

Mock tests

No! I haven’t attended any mock test conducted by ICAI or any coaching classes. But I advise to students to take mock tests to check where you stand.

Rank and preparation

There is a tendency which we Hindi medium guys used to follow “get the passing marks will also make you sit with those, getting rank ”

Now realising that that mentality was not right, though I followed it up to finals. 😛

I think you have to give your 100% and leave the rest on examiner and ICAI, I believe “Passing in first attempt is your hard work, and getting Rank is hard work together with luck.”

Future Plans

I want to join corporate world and add CFA (US) to my professional qualifications.

ICAI Campus

Highly concentrating on communication skills for campus.

Advice to fellow students

Follow your dreams!, Dreams!! which don’t come when you are asleep but those which don’t let you sleep..

Believe in yourself, have faith and be honest to yourself, work hard, success will be there with you.. 🙂

All the very best.