Vaibhav Vasant Shah
Vaibhav Vasant Shah

I am a graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. My father is a Chartered Accountant in practice running his own firm and my mother does small scale investment planning. These two are the pillars of my success.

My first reaction

Honestly I was not working to get a rank, the only thought was to clear Final CA in the first attempt. Credit for all my success goes to my family, my peers and friends who have supported me through my thick and thin.


I am currently interning with CNK & Associates LLP. Practical know-how to any curriculum is really essential to develop a better understanding of that subject. And given the right kind of exposure that I have received from my firm, it gave me an added advantage to achieve this success.


I had prepared a rough schedule before hitting my study leave. I used to go to my college library from 7 am till 10 pm, where I had made a group of friends who would study together. This competitive environment actually helped me a lot to drive my way to success. Hence I would suggest that one should associate themselves with a peer group where you can mutually decide strategies and introspect.

Coaching institutes play a role in acquainting you to the subject before you start it on your own. It is surely subjective, but some subjects like costing, SFM, ISCA surely need conceptual clarity which is best provided by an expert.


I had fixed my study schedule from Day 1 and would follow the same religiously. In gradual course, I targeted two subjects as my strong subjects, one from each group, where I had to score the maximum marks. Also I had picked up 1 weak subject that I would have to study daily for an hour or so.

Books and e-sources

I studied IDT from Bangar, and Audit from VK Agarwal. Not to forget PM (practice manual) for all the subjects are exhaustive which should be done thoroughly.

Mock tests

I could not attend any mock test before the exam, since time was a constraint, but I would strongly recommend everyone to make your timetable in such a manner to fit in at least one mock for each paper. It is very essential for you to develop that speed in thinking as well as in writing before the big exam. It also helps you in finding your weak zones where you need to work on.

Rank and preparation

I was never preparing for a rank, I always wanted to pass in the first attempt.

CA Final is not about intelligence, but more about consistency, hard work and dedication. My professor used to keep saying that everyone appearing for CA Final is going to get 4 months of leave and everyone is going to study hard in these 4 months, but what will make you better than the rest is consistently giving your best.

Future Plans

I am more keen in joining the corporate but nevertheless I am open to all opportunities that may come.

ICAI Campus

I have registered myself for ICAI campus.

Advice to fellow students

Quoting Dr Kalam, “To shine like a Sun, you have to first burn like the sun”. Leave no efforts in fulfilling your dream. First lock a reason for which you would be doing all this and that shall motivate you throughout your journey. For me the reason was the pride and satisfaction in my parents’ eyes.