Nidhi Kabra - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Nidhi Kabra

I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have done my schooling and graduation from Jaipur only. I have secured AIR 7 in IPCC and AIR 31 in the Finals. I am very much passionate about badminton. My father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. Belonging to a business class family I opted for Commerce in class 11 and started CA just after my 12th in June 2011.

My first reaction

I was pretty sure about clearing Finals but was not sure of securing a rank so I was blutterbunged after seeing my result and couldn’t believe it. I checked it so many times and it was like a dream come true. I owe my success to my family of course; they stood beside me during worst of me. Also, I want to thank all my friends who believed in me and motivated me for this.


I did my internship from PC Modi & Co, Jaipur. Internship I believe is the most important part of CA curriculum. For all what we study in books are practically done there and this is the best part of CA course. By practically doing the things, it became easy for me to correlate things and understand them during examination. It also brought in a great transformation in me, made me more professionally mature.


Preparing for CA Final involves mainly time management and stress management. Systematic study is the key to overcome both the limitations of time and stress. I completed my tuitions 6 months before the exams along with the articleship. I recommend tuitions for at least practical subjects as they build up our conceptual clarity and better understanding. Tuitions will just help you in understanding things in a better way, your result will depend upon how much time you gave into that subject on your own. There should be a balance between tuition and self study. Complete reliance on tuitions will not suffice.


A. Study schedule

I got the leaves from the office 6 months before the exams, it took me some time to get into the proper study schedule. I did my study subject wise, allocating time span of 15 days to each subject. In the first four months I had completed the first reading of all the subject thoroughly including the study material and the practice manuals provided by the institute. Initially it was difficult to study but slowly and gradually I took pace and used to study for 10-12 hrs per day.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

Giving equal weightage to all the subjects, I started with the subjects that I felt will be easy to catch up with so that I can get a grip and adjust myself with the completely different schedule. So, I started with SFM as this was the subject that used to interest me the most. For the practical subjects first of all I did the materials provided by my tuition institutes and then I solved all the questions of study material and practice manuals. Also, I gave equal importance to theory in the practical subjects like FR, SFM and AMA. In theory subject I did self study reading thoroughly from the books of various authors and then did practice manuals of all.

After 4 months i.e. first reading, I analyzed the subjects I was lacking confidence (AMA and IDT), then I started my revision with them giving a fast tract reading to them. My second reading involved doing RTPS of total three attempts revising concepts and doing the marked questions once again. My third reading involved going through practice manuals once again and solving mock test papers at home.

Books and e-sources

Along with the material provided by my coaching institutes, I equally focused on the material provided by ICAI i.e. Study materials, Practice manuals RTPs along with the supplementary material like amendment notes and case laws for DT and IDT. For theory subjects I used reference books like Munish bhandari for law and Pankaj garg for Audit.

Mock tests

I did not attended any mock test just because first of all they are organized at the last minute and secondly because of the long travel hours form my house to institute but in lieu of that I used to solve mock test papers at home by giving it in a proper time frame of 3 hours. It helped me a lot as I got a practice of how to attempt paper and most importantly how to manage time during exam hours.

Rank and preparation

Even though I was not preparing for ranks but still I felt it is very important to keep your study momentum going. There were ups and down both faced while preparation. Some days went well and some were not that good. But to keep myself motivated I used to have my daily and weekly targets stick in front of my study table. I had my aims and targets pasted on the walls of my room that constantly gave me motivation. Talking to a friend and listening to my favorite songs were also used as weapons against the demotivation that sometimes used to creep up into me. Constantly boosting yourself and energizing yourself is must for effective study.

Future Plans

I want to enter into the corporate world to have some experience and then will pursue some other courses too.

ICAI Campus

Keeping myself updated with the happenings around the world as well as amendments taking place in the recent times. I am done with the campus and it went well.

Advice to fellow students

CA has always been portrayed as the monstrous course. But truly speaking it is not! What you need is a proper strategy and planning along with the fully determined efforts. With the hard work and dedication you will definitely achieve it. Wish you All the best!