Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh

I am CA Harpreet Singh. I belong to a middle class family based in Meerut. My schooling is done from CBSE board till 8th and then in a government school till 12th. I, then joined CA under the enlightened guidance of CA K.P. Singh ji and got 180 marks in CPT, 71% in IPCC and Rank 48 in CA Final. I cleared CA in very first attempt throughout and I’ve been District Topper from CPT till Final.

I have a small and sweet family consisting of my parents and one younger sister. My father is a businessman. My mother is principal in a private school. My sister is a teacher in a private school and preparing for CAT exams presently.

I entered CA in Dec 2010 under the guidance of CA K.P. Singh Ji. I had a vision of being a CA at very early stage that’s why I opted for commerce stream in Class 9.

My first reaction

I was really happy to see that I cleared in very first attempt. And the rank was a bonus to me.

I would like to give credit of my success to my mom; who was serving and caring for me day and night, my dad ; who was a torch bearer to me, my cute little sister; who was always with me-making me laugh when I was stressed, CA K.P. Singh Ji, CA Rajeev Agarwal Ji, CA Rajeev Gupta Ji; without whose support and guidance it was impossible, my teachers and my friends.


I did my internship from KPS and Associates, Meerut under CA K.P. Singh Ji. It helped a lot in my study preparations. Whole of the audit subject was practically handled by me during the internship. My CA treated all the articles like his own child. He made me understand each and every concept very deeply and I was able to link it with the theory. So, it was really helpful.


I was given a six months leave for exam preparations. I was much clear about what to do. It is better to decide the study material well in advance and then stick to it with no doubt.

I reserved 15 days for each subject. For eight subjects, it becomes 4 months. 15 days were divided like this- Thoroughly reading the books and notes say in 12-13 days, to revise all that in 1 day, then take a test of whole course the very next day, then work on shortcomings the last day. This schedule sometimes seems boring but if taken interest in the subject, the linkage is very well made and the subject is understood as a whole. Then next month was for revision of every subject in 3 days, then daily tests for next 7 days and the month is over. Then came the last month, in this month I was to revise the whole course in 1.5 days and to take test afterwards. This was the preparation strategy. In some subjects, it can take 17-18 days (like DT) and in some cases it takes 5-6 days (like ISCA), hence the days are compensated.

I won’t say that its necessary but it is advisable to take coaching because you have to contribute a significant portion of your time to your articleship and thereafter, you can’t waste time in reading this book and that. Moreover, when you go to coaching, you are updated on various issues like amendments and exam pattern changes and you get a feel of competitiveness when you study with students like you.


Broad Study Schedule is covered above. I am a person who like to study in day time and after 11 in the night it’s almost impossible to keep me waken up. I was given a separate room for studies. It is very important to study in peace. I was having the single job of studying and I was doing it whole of the day.

Strong and weak subjects (How did you prepared them?):
My strongest subject was SFM, so it was not a big deal preparing for that. The weakest subject was IDT, as I was not able to revise it properly after reaching home due to workload. When I started my preparations, I took IDT first and understood each an every concept in very detail. That is how, I was through it.

Books and e-sources

  • FR : Parveen Sharma (Atom Bomb specifically for AS)
  • SFM : Sanjay Saraf (Both for Theory & Practice)
  • Audit : Surbhi Bansal + ICAI Practice Manual
  • Law : Munish Bhandari’s Workbook + ICAI Practice Manual
  • Costing : Sanjay Aggarwal (Both for Theory & Practice)
  • ISCA : Dinesh Madan
  • DT : Vinod Gupta (Summary Module + VG Practice Manual)
  • IDT : Rajkumar

At last, don’t change materials too often and focus on 1 study material only.

Mock tests

Yes, I always attended mock tests organized by ICAI. And it is a matter of fact that I always did bad in those but the same inspired me to do better. No matter you are ready for mock tests or not, you should attend them. It actually tells you what you are worth.

Rank and preparation

I was not at all preparing for a rank. I was having only one vision, that I have to give my the best, no matter where it takes, whether I fail or I get a rank. This attitude kept me going on. There was a time during my preparations when I was thinking that I won’t be able to pass but then I felt that it doesn’t matter whatever the result is going to be, I should focus on my efforts. We are so much involved in thinking about results that we often forget to work, and that is where, we make the biggest mistake.

Future Plans

I am fortunate enough to have a glimpse of both the things, thanks to my articleship. I feel that I have more liking for the corporate world.

ICAI Campus

Just having a look at the recent business news, recent amendments and trying to recall each and every bit of my immense articleship experience.

Advice to fellow students

Few advises for CA students-

  • Keep calm, don’t lose your self-confidence, there is solution to every problem.
  • Place value to your time, utilize each and every moment constructively.
  • Revise whatever you have read in the class on daily basis. Trust me, this is going to take you much ahead.
  • Take your articleship seriously. After becoming CA, it is only your knowledge and practical exposure that give you an edge over others.
  • Firmly decide your study inputs before starting preparations. Otherwise, you would end up doing nothing.
  • Don’t shift study materials, unless it is really needed.
  • Don’t lose your confidence, whatever the circumstances are. It is the most powerful thing, which can take you out of any difficulty.
  • Inspire yourself daily. Talk to yourself daily at least for 15 minutes before going to bed, thin about what you did during the day, things which can be avoided or can be done in a better manner.
  • Do your studies keeping in mind, the exam time. It means that while studying, mark the questions/concepts you would go through during your exam days. Because it is a very small period, 1.5 days in which you have to revise the whole syllabus. You have to pre-decide what you would do in the midst of exams, and this is the area which is the sole reason for failure.
  • Don’t discuss your paper or performance with your friends, family and not with even yourself. That paper is gone, now nothing can be done about it. Much can be done in the next paper.