Anuj Minda - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Anuj Minda

I have graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. I have secured AIR 40 in CA Final May 2015 Examinations. I love travelling and reading, particularly in areas of world history and politics. I am a huge fan of Chelsea Football Club. We are a family of four. My father is a Stock Broker at a Pvt Broking Company and my mother is a housemaker. I have an elder brother who is an Engineer and is currently pursuing MBA in Operations.

CA was the only course that offered a perfect blend of expert knowledge of Law and finance which were the subjects I liked the most. That’s why I chose CA as my primary objective after HSC.

My first reaction

Actually this is the first time I have received an AIR in my life. So it was an inexplicable feeling. I saw the word “PASS” in both groups & I was overjoyed. I called my mother & it was a moment of immense pride. I would credit my mother who has been the pillar in my life. She gave me the strength to keep on going when the situation was tough. She has been a real inspiration.


I completed my articleship from Chaturvedi & Shah, Mumbai . I was in the statutory audit department. It was of great help for subjects like Corporate Law, Financial Reporting, Audit & also DT. During articleship I could witness the practical application of all the concepts. Also, since mine was a upper mid size firm so I had experienced the flavour of corporate culture as well which is very important during interviews. So my internship was personally a great value add for me.


I was sincere from the day my classes started (Jan 2013) and in order to catch hold of such a vast portion I knew it would require countless revisions. So I used to undertake Daily Cumulative Revisions (DCR) in line with what was being taught in my classes. DCR is a technique wherein you can undertake maximum revisions without exerting any extra time. It works like this – Suppose 10 points have been covered in the 1st lecture. Then for the 2nd lecture I would revise those 10 points & then attend the lecture. In the 2nd lecture suppose further 10 points are covered. So for the 3rd lecture I would revise all the 20 points. It leads to repetitive revisions and then as you move forward it requires lesser time to cover the earlier topics.

In my opinion, I think its not necessary to join a coaching institute. But I would seriously recommend joining a coaching institute since they provide proper guidance and direction.


A. Study schedule:

For the period I was engaged in the office i.e. till Dec 2014, I made it a point to study at least 2 hours a day whatever be the circumstances. From Jan 2015, I had divided the day in 3 blocks i.e from early morning till lunch which was a 1 hour break then post lunch till dinner (also of 1 hour break) followed by a light 2 hour session post dinner. I followed this schedule like a soldier during my entire study leave. My modus operandi was to complete a particular subject & then start a new subject. I did not alternate between subjects in a day although some find it refreshing to study alternate subjects. It can actually differ from person to person.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

There is only one medicine for curing weakness in certain subjects & that is constant revision. Whichever topic/subject I was not comfortable with, I used to go through it again and again at regular intervals. For e.g., I wanted some writing practice in FR because problems on Consolidation/Amalgamation can eat up precious time so I used to solve 2 problems daily. Although I inevitably could attempt the FR paper for only 84 marks. Still I scored 81 as I had extensive practice and had ample confidence on whatever I had written. All in All, never ignore your weaknesses. Instead stand up to them. Because You cannot afford to ignore anything during your preparations.

Coming to subjects where I was strong, I used to undertake frequent revisions so that they continue to remain my strength till the day of exams.

Books and e-sources

I am not a huge fan of reference books but I referred Bangar for IDT and Surabhi Bansal for Audit. Other than these two books I was completely reliant on my Classes study material and the material provided by our Institute.

Mock tests

I think practice does indeed make a man perfect. It is absolutely imperative to give mock tests as they help in a variety of things like writing practice, self-confidence etc. I took mock tests offered by my coaching classes in Mumbai. The mock tests offered by our Institute is a great way to prepare yourself for the final paper.

Rank and preparation

I had only aimed of passing the examinations but a rank is a cherry on the cake. During the study leave, there were times when I was a little frustrated and impatient. So, I used to set short term targets like target for a day/week and on their due completion, I used to celebrate a little. Then once a week I used to play football for an hour or two. Also being a fan of Chelsea Football Club, I used to watch football matches religiously. I did not miss a single game during my entire study leave. Also I used to exercise to keep my mind fresh and also my body in acceptable shape. And Lastly, I would look at my mother and think about all the hard work she has been doing for me. So, motivation would naturally come to me. The study leave was a fun period rather than boring or monotonous.

Future Plans

I always had a liking for the corporate world since I was oriented towards it during my articleship. So I will be joining the industry. In fact, I have got selected to participate in Aditya Birla’s Finance Leadership Program and my joining is in Dec 2015. So for the time being I am undertaking a beginner level course in German Language.

ICAI Campus

I went for the Pune campus and it was a great learning experience. By the time of the Pune campus I was already done with my GMCS-II course which was a great boost. For the GD rounds, I used google to learn as much tips as possible. Obviously, mock GDs and mock interviews in the GMCS course also helped. Also, keeping in touch with the current economic scenario is also important for the interviews.

Advice to fellow students

One particular advice I would like to impart is that to just dream of the day you clear these examinations. Make a mental picture in your head of that day and internally experience the happiness and pride. This process will self motivate you and provide a boost to your preparations.

Best of Luck!