Saurabh Gourisaria - AIR 5 CA Final May 2018 - Surat, Gujarat
Saurabh Gourisaria

I am Saurabh Gourisaria. I am From Dream City – Surat, A city that provides happiness, enjoyment, an environment to boost your potential and positive vibes. I am simple yet clever person. My family include my parents, my brother and two sisters. My father is businessman, my brother is CA. I enter in the field of CA when I have chosen commerce as my field. I have entered into this field because I want to have more values added to my name and my family just supported me.

My first reaction

I was shocked after viewing my result because I have never expected AIR 5 in my dreams, Although I was sure that I will get rank, the reason being my papers were not upto my expectation.

My Mother and Father have been my moral support. My family specially my elder brother who is also CA and my younger sister helped in maintaining the motivational environment. My Guru CA Ravi Chhawchharia have guided me throughout out my CA journey. I will like to mention my friends Jainam sanghvi, Shrigopal malani(AIR16) and Naman shah who have helped me and cleared exam with me.


I have done my articleship from M.L.A. & Associates, Surat. I would like to mention one field where I have been benefited, ROC filing of companies have helped me in understanding the company law section related to Director and procedures related to filing of financial statements to registrar.


I personally believe that guidance is necessary in CA course that too from right person. There are various topics in CA course on which more explanation required and are techincal. So guidance will helps us in getting grip over that topic easily and quickly. I have taken guidance from CA Ravi Chhawchharia, Surat. He has guided me throughout the CA course. His speeches keep me motivated.


A. Study schedule

I started studying from December 2016, From Dec, 2016 to Nov, 2017, I have studied 2-3 hrs daily (apart from coaching classes). From Dec, 2017, I have started studying 8 hrs. daily & then from January, I have started studying 13-14 hrs daily. I have done all my practical subjects (FR, SFM, AMA) and have done 60% of IDT, 25% of DT, 50% of Corporate Law Portion till Dec, 2017. In last 4 months, I have given 3.5 months of 14hrs. daily only to theory subjects(ISCA, Law, DT and Audit).

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

Strong subjects are practical subjects and weak subjects are theory subjects. I prepared weak subjects by consistently revising them at the right time.

Books and e-sources

For Following Subjects, I have referred following books.

FR Institute Material
SFM Institute Material, Worksheets of coaching institute(Ravi Sir, Surat)
Auditing Pankaj Garg Book & scanner, Charts of Pankaj Garg
Corporate Law Institute Material
AMA Institute Material, workbook of Ravi sir
ISCA Institute Material
DT Ravi Sir Authored Book
IDT Institute Material

Mock tests

Yes, I have given mock test of ICAI for only one subject that is Financial Reporting. I believe at least we should give mock test before final exams to let us come to know where we are standing, apart from this it helps in practicing the paper writing habit.

Rank and preparation

After getting rank in IPCC, expectation increases to next level. So, in the back end of mind, there is pressure to perform well. This little pressure and enthusiasm to add value to your name help me in keeping my studies in pace with expectations.

Future Plans

I want to be into corporate world where organization encourages lateral thinking, demands analytical abilities, interpersonal interaction skills and stimulates creativity.

ICAI Campus

I am currently reading various articles from ET, The Hindu, It will help me in my Group Discussion. Improving my public speaking skills am\nd reading various books.

Advice to fellow students

I think CA exams are how you manage your time, studying regularly and handling pressure. During last 4-5 months, you must have moral support from someone who understands you, it helps in studying well. Consistency in study is something which really matters a lot. We should have timetable prepared how much time, we will allot to particular topic within the time frame of 30 hrs. for each subject. It will helps us to cover whole subject and revise it without any problem. I think by proper management of time before exam time, all subjects revision is possible.