Sapan Shah - AIR 16 CA Final May 2018 - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Sapan Shah

I am born and brought up in Ahmedabad. My Father (Mr.Bharat Shah) is G.M.(Marketing) in a Tiles company & my mother (Mrs.Shilpa Shah) is a Certified Yoga Teacher. I am the only child in the family. I have secured AIR-4 in IPCC and AIR-16 in Final. In B.Com also, I have secured 6th rank in 1st semester.

After clearing my 10th standard, I decided to opt for Commerce Field & in the middle of 11th standard, I had joined a coaching classes for CA-CPT exam for 3-4 hours a week. I was good in Maths and Numbers, so decided to opt for the best field in the commerce – CA.

My first reaction

I have no words to describe the first reaction after viewing result as it can only be filled and can’t be described. The feeling to see the eyes of the Parents filled with tears of joy, can’t be explained. Indeed, it is amazing feeling. I felt like on top of the world on that day.

I give credit of my success First to my parents, then to the Teachers who guided me till last minute and all the well-wishers.


I did my internship from Talati & Talati, Chartered Accountants – One of the biggest firm of the State. The practical exposure indeed helps a lot in study because while studying the subjects like Audit & IDT, I could very well correlate the provisions with my practical experience at client place. And thus, it helps to learn the provisions.


I had joined Navkar Institute-Coaching classes for the preparation of CA-Final. According to my experience, Coaching institute helps to understand a provision/topic. After that only self-study matters.


A. Study schedule

I used to study from 8 am till 11 pm in the library. During that time, I used to take break of 10-15 minutes after every 2-3 hours.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

For me, no subject was too strong or too weak. I am almost equally strong in all subjects. However, I could not study ISCA for continuously for more than 1 day. So, I used to mixed up a practical subject to prepare with it.

Books and e-sources

I have seen many friends to use various reference books to study. Also, I had read reference books in 2-3 subjects But I would strongly recommend to read the whole material of ICAI first & after that, if one gets time, he/she should go for reference books as per my experience.

Mock tests

I had planned to appear for mock tests but unfortunately could not attend the same. However, I had solved all such papers in the library. It is very much important to attend them so that we can evaluate our exam preparation & also the paper style of paper(Although paper style was different in May-18 Exams).

Rank and preparation

I had secured AIR-4 in IPCC exams. So, everyone was expecting rank from me again in Final. To cope up the moral pressure & also to achieve my aim, I started preparing hard for that and spent last 4.5 months in library only and also turned off all the social medias to concentrate on studies.

Future Plans

I am planning to enter in corporate world. So I have applied in the campus interview. I am also planning to study along with.

ICAI Campus

I have applied to appear from Bombay for ICAI campus. I am studying the latest updates for preparation.

Advice to fellow students

I would advise the students pursuing CA course that study all the topics conceptually because in Final, Rattabaji doesn’t work. Practical knowledge is also equally required along with theory. Try to relate maximum provision with Practical experience faced in Articleship. CA Final exam is not about quantity but it is about quality.