Jasmeet Bindra - AIR 17 CA Final May 2018 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Jasmeet Bindra

Hey, I’m Jasmeet Bindra belonging to the fraternity of Chartered Accountants where I’ve cleared my Finals in May 2018 – securing an All India Rank 17. I’m a creative soul and believe that the innovative skills in me would help me achieve greater targets. I belong to a Punjabi family where my father is a Business man and mother is a homemaker. Initially I wasn’t totally focused towards entering into the CA Course as I was doubtful of whether I should do CA or get into architecture. Eventually after starting the CPT Curriculum I started building an interest in this field and gave my best to clear CPT in first attempt. This is when I had built one of the most important aim of my Life to become ‘C.A. Jasmeet Bindra’.

My first reaction

I always expected positive results, but the rank that I secured was the icing on the cake.

The credits for the same goes to God, my Mother, my whole family, my best friend C.A. Saurabh Limkar (as we supported each other in all difficulties throughout and today even he is a C.A. securing an All India Rank along with me), my Senior C.A. Kirtika Chetty in constantly guiding me and helping me during times when I used to lose all hopes. Also my teachers and friends who kept on giving a positive vibe throughout by believing in me.


I did my articleship from M/s Pathak H.D. &Associates. They helped me in gaining an extensive practical knowledge in the Audit vertical and also gave a fairly good amount of leave for Four months for preparing for my finals.


I believe subjects like S.F.M., Costing & F.R. required more of conceptual clarity and classes are preferred for the same. I would suggest instead of joining classes, online lectures should be preferred if the student requires conceptual clarity. Otherwise in all other subjects self-study from institute’s module is enough.


A. Study schedule

I started studying from Dec 2016 as my attempt was due on May 2018 (Here I used to daily revise what was taught in classes). Eventually the rigorous studies that I started were from May 2017. On working days, I used to study 2-3 hours daily at night and during leaves for at least 9 hours. I made sure that the complete portion is done before my study leave begins. During exam leaves I always targeted my subject completing by maintaining a proper timetable.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

The subjects that I faced difficulty were Costing & I.S.C.A. To get a strong hold over them I started solving questions solely from PM for costing, no classes books nothing. I referred the classes notes only once for conceptual clarity at the beginning. For I.S.C.A. I started referring to charts for head points and used to write the complete chapter once after I had done studying the same (which included writing the head points of each answer which helped me in memorizing). I had done this writing practice for I.S.C.A. twice.

Books and e-sources

S.F.M. – Mayank Kothari Lectures.
I.S.C.A. – Jignesh Chedda’s book
D.T. – Bhanwar Borana / Farooq Haque (Online lectures)

Mock tests

Yes, mock test is a must to evaluate a month in advance as to which subjects do we need to work more on.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I believe in the power of subconscious mind. I used to tell myself that “Jasmeet you need to score at least an AIR 20”. Whenever I felt demotivated I used to remind myself of the same and studied even more effectively.

Future Plans

I would want to enter into the Corporate world to explore the realms of Financial institutions.

ICAI Campus

Preparing myself for the Group discussions by staying updated with current affairs and also brushing up a few theoretical concepts as well.

Advice to fellow students

Be positive, aim for a Rank and work accordingly. The power of subconscious mind is unreachable.