Faraz Motani - AIR 9 CA Final May 2018 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Faraz Motani

My name is Faraz Motani and I live in Mumbai. We are a family of 5 people i.e Mom, Dad and two elder sisters. After completing my S.S.C, the main question that confuse most students is that whether they should opt for Science or Commerce. Having elder sisters who had taken commerce I chose commerce. During 12th Class, I got to know about this profession, the respect a CA gets and the knowledge he possess which is when I decided to join this course.

My first reaction

The first few moments after viewing such result is of course the time one would cherish his entire life. The first reaction was an emotional one when I got to know that all the hard work, all the efforts that went into the preparations has finally paid off. The main credit for this goes to my parents who kept me in their prayers and God who gave me strength to work hard for this.


I did my articleship from Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP, Mumbai. It is one of the top reputed CA firms for all the functions it operates. Articleship is always important for a student to get practical knowledge of the subjects. Likewise, it helped me to not only understand the practical aspect of things but also the management of time for studying.


I took coaching from JK Shah Classes, Andheri, Mumbai for CA Final. Whether it is necessary to join a coaching institute or not depends from student to student. According to me, self-study after receiving proper guidance and direction from coaching institutes helps to score good in CA final.


A. Study schedule

I got my study leave from December 1, 2017 but had my coaching going till the mid of January 2018. From the start of December, there were weekly tests of each subjects in the class which was time table for that particular week. This helped me in a way that I didn’t have to formally make a separate time table for myself and note the topics for each of subjects that were pending. So the time table for me for the week was the same subject for which I had to give the test on the weekend. Now, the time table for each day was as simple as studying the same subject each day in that week and reaching to completion of the entire subject till the end of that week. If someone was to ask the number of hours each day, which generally people ask then I would say that I never studied basis the number of hours but on the basis of the content I am covering each day. If something that I wish to complete gets complete sooner than expected then I would just take the rest of the day off. And if sometime takes extra time then I would not sleep until it is done. So the basic idea is to have weekly targets that are broken up further into daily targets.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

I never thought of any subject as a strength or weakness for me. It is necessary to understand that we need to study all subjects equally with 100% efforts available irrespective of liking or disliking for any subjects.

Books and e-sources

Classes material and ICAI material provided worked the best for me. I recommend the students to give importance to ICAI material as it the source from where we can get the concepts cleared and also adopt the language required. I do not recommend any author books as the above sources are widely exhaustive and quite understandable.

Mock tests

Yes, as mentioned earlier, I gave all the weekly tests arranged by classes. I think it is necessary to give tests to develop the speed, get understanding of the type of questions that may be seen in the final question paper. Most people do not give tests considering as a waste of time but it is one thing that helped me by giving me a scheduled time table for each week and also increase my writing speed.

Rank and preparation

I was preparing for the best I could do in the examination. I never thought of studying for a rank, rather I always studied by giving a 100% of my efforts. Even if I would have cleared with a small margin of marks, I would be equally happy because I know whatever my result is, it is out of cent percent efforts and dedication. I always tell other students to enjoy these subjects rather than a burden.

Future Plans

My plans are to work in corporate and develop myself by gaining the best expertise that I could get from my colleagues.

ICAI Campus

I am not doing anything special for ICAI campus. It is just that I am keeping myself up to date with all the recent changes that are happening in the economy which I am sure is required to be done by all my fellow CAs.

Advice to fellow students

For students who are preparing for their exams, please study dedicatedly and with the correct mind-set. According to me, the mind-set should not be just to do a selective study of the high weightage topics and leaving other things in option. It is not advisable to leave anything in option as even if you do your class materials entirely, you don’t know what you are missing as a concept which may be in the Institute study material. So the ideal approach should be to cover class material entirely (if any) and then Institute material to the extent possible. Again requesting you to avoid selective study and keep a try to keep a 100% coverage.

Repeated revision is required in the last two months before exam. In your last month before exam, I would advise to revise the entire syllabus in a frame of 2 days for each subject in the same manner and sequence as you would do in your exams. This will surely help you to study the entire syllabus in a frame of 1.5 days during exams. Lastly, give your 100% effort in the months to come.