Aayush Agrawal - AIR 5 CA Final May 2018 - Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Aayush Agarwal

I dream high and put every effort possible to achieve that dream. My father Dr Anil Agrawal is a Orthopedic Surgeon and my Mother Mrs. Deepali Agrawal is a home maker. I always wanted to pursue a career in Finance and hence decided to enter the field of CA.

My first reaction

I was amazed and shocked. In the first instance I was just blank and didn’t realize the feat I had achieved.

I give the credits to my parents who were there to help and support me at every step of the journey and my teachers who provided me the guidance required.


I did my internship from EY Mumbai. Working in a Big 4 provided you a lot of exposure and confidence. Internship plays a major part in studies for CA final. It helps you understand a concept better by providing a real life example of things you study.


I prefer self study over coaching classes. I took classes for few subjects to understand the concept better but in the end what matters is the self study.


A. Study schedule

I made a 6 month, 1 month, week and daily plan and followed it judicially.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

I have done 2 levels of CFA (USA) along with CA. This made my financial subjects very strong including the elective paper. Giving more time to weak subjects than the stronger ones because in the end weaker subjects becomes the key to pass.

Multiple revisions is important. One important thing I did was made a summary of everything that I wanted to revise in the day of the exam, because it later becomes difficult to cover such a vast course in so little time.

Books and e-sources

I only focused of ICAI study material, they are the best and institute has put a good effort in the new course.

Mock tests

Yes I gave all mock tests. They help you give an idea of time management.

I give mock tests like real exams and the final exams as a mock tests. This helps a lot during exams.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I had this in the back of my mind while studying. I took regular breaks, celebrated some steps and daily exercised for 30 min.

Future Plans

Corporate world. I want to enter in Financial advisory and fund management.

ICAI Campus

I am doing research at my end and practicing speech control for the campus.

Advice to fellow students

Focus of concepts. It is difficult to mug up everything in CA, but once you understand the basic fundas (concepts) they make the process easier and also will help you in your professional life. Write a lot while studying as it will get you in the groove of writing for the exams. Lastly, don’t take it as an attempt but as an actual exam, the difference of temperament goes a long way.