Shipra Kabra - AIR 41 CA Final - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Shipra Kabra

I am Shipra Kabra. I secured AIR 41 in CA Final exam May 2016 and AIR 35 in IPCC, 2013. I entered this profession as my father and my elder sister are also Chartered Accountants. But as I proceeded through this course, my respect for the profession grew multi-fold.

My first reaction

I was completely overjoyed and it took me a while to register the fact that I had secured an All India Rank. My success is a blend of my family’s unparalled support, my friends’ efforts to keep my spirits high and guidance of my teachers and my sisters Shivangi & Samridhi.


I did my articleship from PSD & Associates Jaipur. The training helped me in not only preparing for subjects like Auditing but also helped me gain an insight into the practical world.


The last 4-5 months were particularly very crucial in the preparation for the exams. I thoroughly revised every concept that I had learned earlier at my tuitions.

Coaching can be taken for practical subjects as it helps to clear the concepts in a lucid manner. Self study can be done for theoretical subjects if regularity and discipline can be well maintained.


A. Study schedule
I studied a practical and a theory subject in a day so as to ensure that there was no monotony. Revisions for every concept you study is important. Long hours and stress study is not the key, rather you should enjoy while learning new concepts. Try to give equal importance to every subject.

Institute’s Practice Manuals are the best publications for every subject.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
I was a little unsure of my preparation in IDT and ISCA. For ISCA, I revised the syllabus 3 times and wrote mock exams.For IDT, I tried to get a better grip on the concepts and attempted as many questions as possible.

I was pretty confident with my preparation in AMA and SFM because I had referred Institute’s Practice Manual for the same.

Mock tests

Yes I did. Writing Mock exams is highly recommended, especially for the subjects you think you are weak at. They boost the confidence, besides helping us learn time and stress management.

Rank and preparation

I did my whole hearted preparation. Rank is an after-result of the preparations. The foremost thing is dedication, you have to decide to devote this time to CA and give your cent percent to it.

Future Plans

I am seeking a place in corporate world right now, exploring both campus and off campus opportunities.

ICAI Campus

Brushing up my knowledge and getting updated on the recent amendments.

Advice to fellow students

To all those pursuing CA, it definitely is challenging . But once you are all up for it and you enjoy it, this is the most promising and rewarding career avenue. Keep yourself motivated and work smarter.