S Sri Ram - AIR 1 CA Final May 2016 - Salem, Tamilnadu
S Sri Ram

I am S Sri Ram from Salem, Tamilnadu. My dad is Mr. K. V. Srinivasan, who got retired from TNSTC and my mom is the District Library Officer, Perambalur, Tamilnadu. I am the only child and hence well pampered 😉 . I decided to join CA when my cousin told me that this course offers the option of either employment or practice and that option of becoming my own boss (practice) attracted me a lot and hence I chose the option of becoming a CA.

My first reaction

My very first reaction was that I am dumbstruck. Reason being, I got a call from President and the words I heard were – “May I speak to CA Sri Ram. We are calling from ICAI President office and he wanted to congratulate you”. That’s a moment of pride and it multiplied into infinity when I saw the tears from my dad’s eyes – the tear of joy.

People I need to give credit is a big list starting from my parents – the supportive, understanding and caring parents who made me a ranker and with such parents I am sure anyone can be a ranker. Then to my senior, my faculties, my friends, all the CAs I know (each and everyone motivated in someway or the other). The list doesn’t end here but thank you all for the valuable contribution because of which I am standing here as a ranker.


I did my internship in J.V & Co., Chartered accountants, Salem and the practical training is what grooms you to put more effort, aware of what a stress is, what hard work is and also what is practically done. That help us to learn with interest than learning for sake of clearing (Anyway, ISCA is an exception though).


I prepared for my exam over a period of 1.5 years and I gradually studied for 2 hours a day. It’s like the slow and steady to win the race, which actually worked out. I went to coaching in a private institution, that really helped me a lot. But according to my opinion, the classes just give you an idea like how to approach the subject and the success is all dependent on your self study only.


A. Study schedule
Consistent preparation of 2 hours a day for 1.5 years and 8 hours a day for 3 months before exam.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
Nothing specific. But I felt a bit difficult in ISCA as I don’t have much practical exposure in it and hence I started preparing my notes on it. I took a complete notes of the entire book, which helped me a lot to memorize it. So, when you feel hard of something, better become an author yourself.

Books and e-sources

Study Material and Practice manuals. They are our primary source (so is to the question setter), so better stick on to them first.

Mock tests

Yes. I have attended one mock test of ICAI. I think that’s a main reason which gave me a big boost and good practice to face the exam.

Rank and preparation

Yes. I was preparing for rank and the motivation is – my dad, wrote in a chart as – CA S Sri ram, AIR 1 in may 2016 and pasted it in my room. Everyday, before I start my day and when I close the day, that was the first and last thing I see. Whenever I felt down, that chart and belief boosted me.

Future Plans

My aim is to be a CFO of a company. I would like to join in employment now, especially in consultancy, so I can have a good experience on different industry.

ICAI Campus

Yet to start the preparation.

Advice to fellow students

You are born to win. But only one thing that makes it true. BELIEF. So better believe and you will become who you want to be.