Riya Goyal - AIR 26 CA Final May 2016 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Riya Goyal

Hi my future CA colleagues! My name is Riya Goyal. I belong to a Jain family and have been brought in Maharashtra. My family consists of my grandparents, parents and 2 younger sisters, one of whom studies at IIT Bombay and another is in school. My entire family is from Science background. This was one of the few peculiar things which intrigued me to chart a path separate from the clan.

Also, the building stone of my Chartered Accountancy was my love for mathematics and profit calculations (‘Banyagiri’ as we say in common terms) since I was a kid. I was very clear that my interests did not lie in the science field when I entered commerce field. From there on I gradually developed an interest in accounting and the related subjects of Chartered Accountancy.

My first reaction


The minute I pressed the submit button and checked those 2 words “PASS” & “PASS” in both the groups, I jumped from my seat in happiness… SOO SUPREME that I couldn’t stop myself from crying out of joy.. I shouted for my mom and we hugged each other tight, we couldn’t stop crying and laughing, and at times doing both together, out of joy!

The happiness which shone through the eyes of my parents is something beyond description… The relentless struggle of my mom to provide me with the best of everything in spite of many odds, the constant motivation and support of my dad, the blessings of my grandparents, the companionship of and understanding by my siblings (including my cousin sister), my partner’s teachings and the support system of my friends has been (hands down) the culminating reason for my success. Also, the strength and motivation which I derived from the philosophies of my religion have had a huge hand in taking me forward.


Khimji Kunverji & Co, an upper mid-size firm, located at Elphinstone Road, Mumbai has been my second home during the 3 years of articleship. CA Final is all about ATTITUDE more than your APPTITUDE and one’s articleship experience plays a huge role in taking one to new ALTITUDEs.

The practical experience gained by me during my articleship has been very fruitful in helping me develop an interest in the subjects of our syllabus and I believe that taking interest in what you study makes a whole lot of difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It helps to ensure consistency and perseverance during the tedious months of study leave.


The first step in preparing for CA Final was to plan. Being a person who likes to have a perspective of what lies ahead, I had jotted down the expected timelines for portion completion. One of the essential exercises which I carried out was to cash on my strengths and to overcome my weaknesses. That was something which helped me in achieving my targets.

As far as coaching classes are concerned, I have found them very useful. No doubt people will vouch for conquering CA Final without the help of coaching classes, however clarity, effectiveness and accuracy, especially in practical subjects is brought to better lights when aided by good coaching classes.

That said, SELF STUDY and REVISION is a must.


My strategy was to keep one subject in main focus and complement the same with a slight spice of another subject. Since Jan 2014, I had joined classes which ensured that I devoted at least 12 hours a week to CA Final for 2 years.

A. Study schedule
During study leave, I worked for around 10-12 hours on an average focusing more on the targeted task for the day rather than on the number of hours exuded. During the last 1-1.5 months the number of study hours a day steadily stretched up to 15-16 hours.

One of the most essential parts of my study schedule was the plan for the last 1 month of study Leave. During this 1 month period, I had the strategy to revise the portion twice by giving 2 days to doing 7 subject (i.e. FR excluded) in the first cycle and 1 day to the same 7 subjects in the second cycle, thereby ensuring that one day before the exam I was not in a blind spot because of having studied that subject maybe a month back. The remaining 7 days were used for FR and touching upon other weak areas.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
Costing was my most beloved subject. So while planning my schedule, I would fit costing into a niche between feared or theory subjects which would be a kind of relief.

Direct Tax was a subject which I strongly dreaded and hence I made it my strategy to constantly keep in touch with DT along with whichever other subject I was taking up. My recommendation to you would be to take your weak subjects head-on and arrive at the level of efforts which you need to put on the same and work from there.

Books and e-sources

Books would be a subjective matter. However, I strongly recommend solving the Practice Manual for all subjects.

Mock tests

I gave mock tests of my classes which was perfectly synced with my revision cycle and had proper gap of 1.5 days between consecutive exams. This greatly helped in understanding my preparedness to face the papers, the manner in which I could complete revision in just one and half days and areas to focus upon before the D-days began.

Rank and preparation

I had a desire to achieve rank at the outset. However, I prepared only with the mindset to perform to the best of my capabilities and not with the agenda of Rank. However, I did motivate myself at times by reminding myself of my rank dream.

Future Plans

In the long run, I would like to achieve independence in my work. However, right now I am planning to enter the corporate world.

ICAI Campus

Campus is more concerned about our attitude and confidence, and hence I am working on the same. Apart from that, I am getting myself updated with the latest happenings around the world and in the nation.

Advice to fellow students

It is not that difficult, only huge… So believe in yourself and work your heart out! Go ALL OUT FOR IT!!!
You will not regret if you have given your 100% whatever be the result!
Also, study not to just pass an exam but to really learn and benefit from it and then I am sure you will do great!