Prashu Goyal - AIR 36 CA Final May 2016 - Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Prashu Goyal

My name is Prashu Goyal. I have recently cleared my CA-Final in May’2016 securing an AIR-36. My father is a business man and my mother is a housewife. The reason behind I joined CA is that from my childhood I saw my father doing tax calculations, making accounts and all these things encouraged me to join CA. Also, the another reason for joining CA is that there is no reservation quota in it, all depends on your hard work and intelligence.

My first reaction

I think viewing result means death is on your door and only your result could save you. My heartbeat was just 10 times its normal and my body was totally shivering. When I clicked on submit button, I saw “541” I just can’t believe. I rechecked it 2-3 times that is it me?. And also its miracle come true that I got AIR-36.

The whole credit goes to my father. He was always with me when I was feeling low or depressed.


I did my articleship from S.C. Vasudeva & Co, New Delhi and then from Lalit Mahavir & Co, New Delhi. Basically articleship will help you to apply your theory in practical life. Also, sometimes there are questions in the exams which we never read in the books. That time practical exposure in your articleship will help you to manage it.


Preparation part for CA-Final is different of every student. Last 4 months I was totally committed to my exams. A well prepared and flexible time table is to be prepared. I tried to study one theory along with one practical subject. I am not comfortable in night studies. So in morning I basically have a theory subject and in rest of the day come up with practical subject.

Basically joining the coaching or to self study is independent decision. In my opinion for some subjects like Financial Reporting, Direct taxes, Indirect taxes and Strategic Financial Management we need to take the classes. It will help us improving our concepts more clearly. For the rest of the subjects self study may be enough.


A. Study schedule
At least 3 times revision is compulsory for the whole course. I started preparing some subjects from the first year of articleship like costing, SFM. In second year focused on FR, Audit and Law. In third I only focused on DT, IDT and ISCA.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
My theory is my weak portion. So whatever I read in theory, I tried to revise it in 2 days. Also, the 4-5 times revision I have given on Law, Audit and ISCA.

Books and e-sources

Basically for theory subjects, I will recommend that people go through with ICAI practice manual. It will be most beneficial in these subjects. For FR praveen sharma’s sir book is sufficient. For SFM you can go through whatever teacher you taking your SFM classes. For Audit I will recommend Surbhi Bansal mam book and go through your PM for SA and professional ethics chapter. For law munish bhandari sir handbook is sufficient and at least 2 times PM. For costing Sanjay agrawal sir book. For ISCA only PM is sufficient. For DT and IDT u can read VG sir buk and Rajkumar. But at least do RTP of last 2 attempts and last 5 attempts ICAI exam papers.

Mock tests

No I have not given any mock test due to shortage of time. I don’t know whether it will be beneficial or not.

Rank and preparation

Frankly speaking I was not even thinking I was playing for rank. Only 400 was in my mind and I was focusing that I have to give my 100% in those 3 hours. Basically expecting a rank in CA-Final is baseless because no one knows how many marks examiner will award us for our presentation. Just think you have to clear your exams with your 100% effort. The rank will automatically move towards you.

Future Plans

Right now I want to move into corporate world. Not at all interested in practice.

ICAI Campus

Just a look on AS, law amendments, budget 2016 and GST.

Advice to fellow students

One word to all the CA aspirants, just give regard to your CA profession and studies. And always dream for positive result and the proudful reaction of your parents. I think this feeling will always motivate you.