Mohit Piyush Shah - AIR 30 CA Final May 2016 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mohit Piyush Shah

Hi friends, my name is Mohit Shah. I secured 30th AIR in CA final-May’16 and 43rd AIR in IPCC-May’13. I am born and brought up in Mumbai and did my schooling from Children’s Academy and did my graduation from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. My Dad is a Company Secretary and my mom is a housewife and my sister is doing her SYBFM.

The knowledge, practical experience and exposure, the wide array of fields you can choose from after CA and the respect you get in the society after becoming a Chartered Accountant was my motivation for doing CA. Also being in the field of finance, the ROI that Chartered Accountancy course offers is the highest amongst any other course.

My first reaction

Being frank, I expected a rank and the time I saw my result it was like; Yes I got it!!!! It was a feeling of extreme satisfaction and joy. When you want something, you have planned for it, worked hard for getting it and you finally get it, the emotions and feelings at that time are just magical.

The credit of my success goes firstly to my parents, then my mentors and a few special people. If their support and motivation won’t have been there, I don’t think I would have achieved this feat. So a special Thank you to them!!


I did my internship from Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP. I mainly did Statutory Audit, Limited Reviews, Tax Audit etc. during my internship. The exposure that I got during my internship actually helped me a lot for my CA final exams, for eg., the Audit paper that I wrote was totally what I have been doing in my internship. It taught me how to handle pressure, manage clients, improve and update my knowledge and was instrumental in transforming me from a student to a professional.


I only did coaching classes for ISCA, Costing and SFM. Rest of the subjects were self study. I started hardcore studying from Dec’15 onwards but before that for Costing and SFM I used to revise whatever was taught in classes the same day.


A. Study schedule
Planning is very important. CA final exam is not about who puts in the maximum hours of study, but who studies smartly and efficiently. My study schedule was quite simple. Allotting x no. of days to a particular subject and ensuring that that subject is completed within those days without compromising on quality of study.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
According to me, no subject should be weak in a CA final exam. Every subject should be prepared for uptill a point were you are confident of cracking that subject.

Books and e-sources

  • Financial Reporting: Institute’s SM &PM
  • SFM:Institute’s SM &PM
  • Audit:VK Agarwal & PM
  • Law:Munish Bhandari & PM
  • Costing:Institute’s SM & PM
  • ISCA: Amit Tated Sir’s Notes &PM
  • DT: Paduka & PM
  • IDT:Bangar & PM

Mock tests

Did not give Institute’s mock test. But one month before the exam I allotted 15 days for a mock exam i.e. mock exam conditions and writing papers following exams time table just to know whether I am able to revise the whole subject in about one & half day.

Rank and preparation

Yes I was preparing for a rank. CA final exam requires consistent and well planned efforts. Its not an exam where one would clear studying one month before the exam. Right from December studying right till the exam is the key. 1-2 days break here and there is fine but surely not more than that.

Future Plans

Planning to do an MBA from top B-school.

ICAI Campus

Not preparing as such, as want to pursue MBA.

Advice to fellow students

Writing the CA final exam is about confidence. Just be confident on the day of exam. Revise everything before the exam as no matter how much you study before your exam, if you won’t revise it, there is a high probability that you won’t be able to write it.

There is no IMPORTANCE for the CA final exam, do not leave any topic, cover the entire syllabus. All the best!!!