Krutik Sanghavi - AIR 12 CA Final May 2016 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Krutik Sanghavi

Hi, my name is Krutik Sanghavi and I am from Aamchi Mumbai. I secured All India Rank 12 in Final CA May 2016 exam. I come from a family of 4. I went to St. Francis D’Assisi High School, Borivali and graduated from Narsee Monjee College, Vile Parle, Mumbai. Just like half the Chartered Accountants out there, I have no idea what made me choose CA as a career but I know one thing for sure: Being a Gujarati, Commerce, Accounts and Money runs in my blood.

My first reaction

Seeing “Passed with Distinction” on my result page was enough to make me jump up with joy. In fact it was not until ’10-15 minutes and a phone call from a friend’ later that it struck me to check if I have secured a Rank. I still vividly remember that feeling of elation and euphoria. I was literally dumbstruck. Trust me, nothing beats the feeling you get when you hear people put those 2 letters before your name.
The credit for my success goes to the 2 pillars of my life : My Family and my Friends. Whatever I achieved, it wouldn’t have been possible without them.


I did my articleship from S.M.Puj and Co., Mumbai. During those 3 years, I learnt not only about Tax and Audit and Law, but those 3 years also taught me some important values and gave me some amazing friends. My principal, colleagues and the office staff was immensely supportive and I will definitely cherish my articleship days for the years to come.


My initial preparations began very very early, almost 15-18 months before the exam and I feel it is this that made the difference. I had covered almost 40% of the portion before my study leave and that not only gave me a lot of confidence, but it also helped ensure that there were no “pressure situations”.

I feel Final CA is all about self-study. Of course, having classes would definitely be a help, especially in practical subjects, but in the end its your own will, your own determination that counts.


A. Study schedule
I am a meticulous planner and I don’t start anything until I have it all planned in advance. One of my professors rightly said, “Failing to Plan is like Planning to Fail”. It is also necessary to ensure that you give yourself sufficient breaks and switch the subject before you start hating it. Barring exam days, I did not find the need to study for more than 13 hrs a day during my entire 4-5 months preparation period.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
My strong subjects were the practical ones and my weak subject was definitely ISCA. The only way to convert your weak subject into a strong subject or in my case, “a not so weak” subject is to go after it with all you have. I am of the opinion that weak subjects should be tackled first on a priority basis.

Books and e-sources

  • FR – JK Shah Classes books
  • SFM – JK Shah Classes books
  • Audit – Surbhi Bansal
  • Law – JK Shah Classes book + Munish Bhandari Hand book
  • Costing/Or – JK Shah Classes books
  • ISCA – Amit Tated
  • Direct Tax – Prime vision classes notes
  • IDT – Bangar
  • Practice manuals are a must for all subjects.

Mock tests

I had taken up the test series in JK Shah classes and it helped me a lot. Additionally, I had also written 1 paper on each subject at home. Writing papers and tests was one of the most crucial part of my preparation, something I couldn’t have done without.

Rank and preparation

I always felt that my preparations were sufficient for clearing the exam but surely not for getting a rank. I did miss ranks in IPCC and CPT by smaller margins but to be honest, a rank was the last thing on my mind when I was preparing for my exam. However, I had given more than 100% and all the hard work paid off.

Future Plans

My long term plan is to join my Dad in the family business but I would definitely like to try a hand at a job in stock analysis/investment banking just to get a taste of the corporate world.

ICAI Campus

I have registered for Navi Mumbai and Mumbai as my campus centres. Currently, I am thinking of studying about GST, Ind AS, basic economics and Financial Management to help me land my dream job.

Advice to fellow students

Becoming a Chartered Accountant would be perhaps the biggest test we have faced till date in our life. The journey is definitely not easy but given the right amount of grit, hard work and determination, nothing is impossible. Always try to stay motivated and focused. Do not give in to pressure and stay calm and composed. Stay connected to your family and friends because trust me, nothing refreshes your mind like a good chat with your parents, siblings or friends.