Garima Pasari - AIR 48 CA Final May 2016 - Kolkata, West Bengal
Garima Pasari

Born in the city of joy- Kolkata, my motto has always been to do things that make me happy. Do what you love and love what you do! My Dad who’s also a Chartered Accountant has been my greatest inspiration. I had always been passionate about numbers and accounts which drove me to CA! Getting a rank is just like a cherry on the top, adding on to the good things.

My first reaction

My first reaction was staring that merit list wide eyed, mouth open constantly for half an hour. Absolutely overwhelmed that Yes! I could do it!

CA wouldn’t have been possible without the immense support of my MA and my sister’s constant bugging that Di! Now you should get back studies if I would ever waste time. It was mom’s dream that I get a rank and her motivation has brought me to this reality.


I did my articleship from ARSK & Associates which is a midsized firm located in Chandni Chowk, Kolkata. Articleship shows the practical reality. It imbibes within you an idea of how it is to WORK. Working and Studying are way different. However, when you start studying you get a better concept for certain things as you have already applied them practically. They seem easier and take less time. Further, these things are ingrained in your mind even more than the bookish language.


The foremost thing which I have realised is that for CA Finals all the concepts should be done in depth and you should have advanced clarity over the subjects.

It isn’t at all necessary to join a coaching institute. The Coaching institute is just for your guidance. At the end of the day, its your effort that counts. I took tuitions for all the practical subjects but I never attended any of them seriously. It’s just those notes that have provided a great foundation for the last 4 months preparation.


A. Study schedule
My study schedule for the last 4 months was hectic. It’s the constant dedication that matters. 12 hours a day has to be minimum. Keep aside all distractions and just giving the best to get the best.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
My strongest subject was Financial Reporting. It’s the practice that matters most in practical subjects. So instead of seeing the sums, I have solved every sum on my own.

My weak subject was Indirect Taxation. I hated it but I made sure that I made a study plan that would make me fall in love with the subject. I had written all the sections of this subject separately in a notebook. Chalked out the important caselaws and tried to get all the concepts.

Books and e-sources

  • ISCA : Institute Study Material
  • Law : Munish Bhandari
  • FR : Praveen Sharma notes
  • Cost: Alok Chakraborty notes and Practice manual

Mock tests

I did not attend mock tests. Though in the month of April I devoted 16 days just like the exam pattern. Studying a subject for 1.5 days and exam on the other day afternoon (2- 5 pm). It gave an insight of how much I can complete in two days and also helped me understand if my speed of solving questions was good enough.

It’s important that you know the paper pattern and the time you use to write well.

Rank and preparation

I have always believed in the “Law of Attraction”. To achieve something you need to set a target first and constantly remind yourself of the same. I did not expect a rank but I aimed for one. This made me give my 100%. This is probably the last and the most important exam for my life. So all I had to say is ” Abhi nai, toh kabhi nai!”

Future Plans

I am planning to join the corporate world now, probably on a job profile that suits an inquisitive person like me.

ICAI Campus

For ICAI campus, I am trying to cover up with the latest amendments in law and taxes. GST is a major step forward which I wish to study in depth now.

For the technical questions I am revising the Accounting standards and SFM. For current affairs, I am following the news.

Advice to fellow students

What you think will eventually show up in your life. So my advice would be no matter what, never give up on positive thoughts. It is your positive attitude and optimistic spirit that counts. The rest of the things will fall in place eventually.

For the subjects that you think aren’t possible to be learnt, like ISCA, my advice would be to write the bold and important points. Writing is more effective than reading and memorising. For the practical subjects, do the sums, do the practice manual. Solve and solve until you become perfect. Please check on the writing pattern for all subjects from practice manual, because how you write matters more than what you write! It’s important that you attempt for full 100 marks and that too in those 3 hours. So keep your writing speed fast from minute 1 itself. Utilise the reading time of 15 minutes to chalk out the sequence of how you are going to attempt the questions.

Lastly, Be confident and Smile. Everything happens for the best!

Good Luck!