Divyanshu Chokhani - AIR 19 CA Final May 2016 - Kolkata, West Bengal
Divyanshu Chokhani

Hi, I am Divyanshu Chokhani, I have been born and bought up in the city of joy- Kolkata. I stay in a nuclear family with my parents and grandfather. I did my schooling from The Assembly of God Church School Kolkata and graduation from St. Xavier’s College Kolkata.

CA is definitely the craze among commerce students. The course has a unique combination of practical as well as theoretical knowledge in all fields of business. It helps one to achieve professional excellence. Hence I entered CA in 2012 after my class 12 Board exams. I cleared my CPT with 90.5% marks and IPCC with an AIR 4th rank in may 2013 exam. In may 2016 I cleared my CA final with AIR 19th rank.

My first reaction

The wait before the results is the longest wait of ones life. There were feelings of anxiety, fear as well as excitement. The morning passed as usual by refreshing the site. As soon as the link opened at around 1 pm my hands were trembling to enter the roll no and other details. I felt as if my heart beat stopped for a moment and words can’t express the sigh of relief, joy and excitement on seeing the two golden “PASS”. I gave a shout of joy and everyone was very happy. Seeing my total marks I knew I have made it to the merit list and a rank added cherry on the cake.

I would like to give credit of my success to my parents for their constant support and motivation. Also I would like to dedicate this to all my teachers who have always guided me so well. Apart from this my friends and many others who have always supported me.


I did my internship from Ernst & Young in the Direct Tax department. I also pursued Industrial Training in my third year from Magma Fincorp Ltd in Treasury department.

My practical exposure in taxation helped me a lot in understand the tax issues and litigations well. Also Treasury knowledge helped me with few concepts in SFM.


I had taken coaching in IPCC too and therefore decided to follow the same approach. Definitely there is no compulsion of taking coaching but I feel one is regular in studies and is able to understand the concepts better if he takes coachings.

I got around three months leave only for my finals. Hence I made sure my coachings are done before my leaves began. I wanted to dedicate the final three months only to self study. During the three months I took one or max two subject at a time a theory along with a practical. Given the voluminous nature of the syllabus, revision is an absolute essential. Minimum 3 revisions was my target including the day before the exam. I used to allot days to subjects and tried to stick to the target and leave the subject if undone rather than stretching the schedule. One must also go through past papers, mocks and RTP’s and solve a few in exam like conditions.


A. Study schedule
I stopped all social networking during my last 2 months and tried to dedicate most of the time to studies. Obviously small breaks are essential for refreshing the mind. Often once in a few days I also took an entire day off to de stress my self.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
I was initially very scared of IDT and thought this is not my cup of tea. As time passed I knew I had to do it anyhow and hence dedicated most of my efforts and time and after few days I started liking the subject and by March it was one of my strongest subjects. Again I had issues with ISCA and started my preps for it in March itself but continued efforts helped me crack the subject.

My strongest subject was Costing as this was the first subject for which I had taken tuition and also I used to love the subject. Hence costing was never a burden for me and I hardly remember allocating a day to revise or prepare cost.

Mock tests

I did attend a few mock test for practical subjects. It helps in time management and also it prevents you from facing the shock in the main exam for the first time. One must appear for at least 3~4 papers so that he can evaluate himself and his preparation and if need is there conduct self mock test again after revision.

Rank and preparation

After getting a rank in IPCC, obviously I wanted to be again in the merit list for finals. I kept myself focused and keen on performing well. Rank is something which is relative and depends on others performance too. So one must target at securing good marks setting benchmark based on past rankers.

Future Plans

Currently I want to enter the industry and pursue a job in Finance. Maybe few years down the line I might pursue MBA after gaining work experience.

ICAI Campus

Being out of touch with my subjects for over 4 months now. I will brushup few important topics and also current affairs for ICAI campus.

Advice to fellow students

CA is a course that will test your determination and patience along with your academics. One must not give up too early and remain focused. 3~4 months of hard work can save another 6 months of your life. CA doesn’t mean come again. Everyone must aspire to be a rankholder as it gives recognition and motivates you. As I am appearing for interviews I am getting to know how valuable a rank is in CA exams. There are many top corporates who only call rankholders.

Also one must not focus on pass percentage and other such stuff as they are misleading and will only demotivate you. You must believe that your efforts would be rewarded and there can never be failure for a person who has given his best. Another thing I would like to tell is to take up articleship seriously as it is equivalent to getting a good score in exam. Pursuing articles from a reputed organization will give you the best corporate exposure which will help in future. I never believed in luck and destiny. These might have its own role but I believe hard work can change your luck also.

CA course itself is so designed that one who takes it up seriously will get a base from where you can achieve bigger things in life. All the best!!