Divesh Kumar Gupta - AIR 16 CA Final May 2016 - Patiala, Punjab
Divesh Kumar Gupta

My name is Divesh Kumar Gupta, I secured AIR-16 in CA-Final. I am also Gold Medalist in B.COM, which I did from Punjabi University, Patiala. I also got AIR-3 in CS-Executive exams in June 2015 Attempt. I am born and brought up in Patiala, Punjab. In my family, my father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. I have one elder sister who also is a chartered accountant.

I decided to enter in CA because tax and law has been my area of interest from quite sometime, I used to follow govt policies and implications and getting a degree to get thorough with the same was the best choice and CA therefore was the choice that I made.

My first reaction

I was really happy after checking the result. My mother sitting next to me was extremely happy and my father whom I informed over phone, I could feel the joy and happiness in his voice that was full of emotions. I would like to give credit to family and friends, my teachers.


I did my internship in M/s Gupta Rajesh & Associates, Patiala. The exposure was good in terms of variety of work that I used to handle there. Articleship served as a great help as I could relate to tax issues and company related compliances and several other stuff. More than everything else, it gave me patience to sit and study for long hours and how to analyse and understand the subject.


I took classes for main subjects like-

  • Financial Reporting- Praveen Sharma
  • Law and Audit- Sidharth Aggarwal
  • SFM- Sanjay Saraf
  • DT- Vinod Gupta
  • IDT- Dipak Gupta
  • For AMA and ISCA I did self study which was basically from Parag Gupta and Dinesh Madan notes

It is personal choice of everyone. If we go to coaching institute, we get a practical insight on everything from experts. For some subjects where technicality is less, self study also serves the purpose.


A. Study schedule
The study schedule is simple to devote as much time as possible to studies.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
The strong subjects are practical and taxation was all time favourite. ISCA is the only hard to learn subject. For that one should give enough time, try and make mnemonics so as to cram it better.

Books and e-sources

The must do books are ICAI study materials and practice manual.

Mock tests

Though I had not participated in any mock tests but they are helpful as you can know about your writing speed, lengthy and tricky questions that can be asked. They are useful, hence, should always be given a try.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I always wanted to be a rankholder. The study momentum was nothing specific, I just tried to get thorough with the subjects as much as I could.

Future Plans

As of now, I am looking to enter in Corporate World, where I can learn and gain the practical experience.

ICAI Campus

ICAI campus means Written tests, GDs and Interviews; I am working on all these aspects, and also keeping myself updated with all the latest tax reforms and policies.

Advice to fellow students

Just work hard, keep yourself updated, study thoroughly, believe in yourself and always aim high.