Ankit Kalyani - AIR 44 CA Final May 2016 - Kolkatta, West Bengal
Ankit Kalyani

I was born and brought up in Kolkata. My father works for Eveready while my mother is a homemaker.

Well honestly, my marriage with CA, was an arranged one! More honestly, this was something I never wanted to do because of the misfit between the effort put in and the rewards thereof. However, it was in IPCE, when I fell for the curriculum it offered (which was unparalleled) and we happily lived thereafter!

My first reaction

I can relive that moment infinite times! After some 100 trials, I finally saw the results were out. The first thing that relieved me was the word “PASS” on my marksheet. It was then that my eyes hopped on to my marks and I immediately calculated the % and declared to my mom that “It should be a rank”! Then my eyes witnessed the defining moment of my life, AIR 44.

I would definitely give a lion’s share of the credit to my parents who have unconditionally supported me throughout my life. Then, to my friends for helping me with the various amendments that they came across. And the remaining credit goes to the hundred cups of TEA that gave me the ability to stay awake for long hours!


I completed my articleship from Deloitte Haskins & Sells and moved to Industrial Training thereafter. It helped me to realize pretty early that I will not have much time left for the preparations! So I’d better be regular.


Preparation not only involves studying, but also studying smart which comes with Planning. The first step should be to do away with the fact that the goal is getting a 50. If you need 50, aim for 70. Once that is done, one should plan the next 6 months such that the preparation is coupled with revisions at the RIGHT time. This will help in recapitulating the concepts when they are on the verge of getting out of your mind.

Also, there will come a time, when looking at the books will turn you off. It is then, that one should go for multi subject study as this will not give you time to think about being turned off! 4-5 subjects per day, mixing theoretical and practical ones, would benefit you to an extent you cannot imagine.

Considering the supplements these days, tuitions can be done away with unless one is finding difficult to understand with the help of those supplements. BUT, whenever in doubt, take tuition!


I began my full fledged study from mid December. The first 3 months went into the coverage. Thereafter I began allocating 2-3 hours everyday to 4-5 subjects. This made study interesting and revisions regular. One subject which bugged me a lot was DT. And hence I made sure that my study plan included DT for the entire March. In April, I almost pulled off a dress rehearsal of May wherein I tried to revise each subject within 2-3 days.

Books and eSources

No books or e-sources as such, the supplements are enough, only make sure to go through Practice Manuals extensively. Believe me, the results will blow away all the pains that you undertake now.

Mock tests

Yes I did for FR and DT. It really gave me a glimpse of how to go about preparing for an entire subject within 1.5 days (as was my objective behind it). It is important because no matter how hard you study for 6 months, if you fail to revisit the topics in those one and half days, the questions in the hall would not click.

Rank and preparation

Yes. As I said, aim should always be higher. Hence, I approached my preparation in a manner such that I want to be in the top 10. Hence, though I landed far from that, I could very well achieve what I had set out for, that is, an All India Rank.

As for the momentum, I had happened to come across the interviews of the previous term toppers, and they were unanimous about the fact that the smile that blossomed on the face of their parents on receiving that call from the Institute vanished all the pain that they had undergone for it. Since then, there was no further need of any other momentum!

Future Plans

As of now, I would definitely like to garner the corporate experience.

ICAI Campus

For campus, I am revisiting my practical experience which is the USP of a Chartered Accountant.

Advice to fellow students

Guys, I assure you that this course offers you the best possible curriculum along with an opportunity to work with the masters of the field which is a guaranteed recipe for sustainable success. Go for it. All the best!