Akshay Kumar Gattani - CA Final May 2016 - Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Akshay Kumar Gattani

Hey I am Akshay Gattani. My hometown is Jodhpur and I did schooling from Maheshwari Senior Secondary School, Jodhpur. I have done my articleship from Khimji Kunverji & Co., Mumbai. My father is an Accountant, my mother is a house wife. I have two siblings they are also pursuing CA.

After 10th, I have selected commerce as my option as I have a keen interest in numbers and I liked debit credit most in 11th class so I asked my seniors what I can do for my interest towards accounts and numbers and I was advised for Chartered Accountant and from there onwards becoming a CA was one of my dream. I had 37th rank in IPCC in May 2013. I like to play cricket and I am very much interested in stock market, reading stock performance graph, correlating it with companies fundamentals, company’s price earnings ratio as compared to industry PE ratio and analyzing the same.

My first reaction

I was on an outstation assignment when results were declared. I was eagerly waiting let’s just tell us whether we cleared or we need to sit back. Mind was thinking on both the sides it can be even Fail or Pass.

I forgot my Roll No. and message on the screen “sorry this Roll No. is not in the list” I was like “yar exams to diye the”. Then I realized that I am entering something which doesn’t exist only. I immediately opened my mail box and checked my Roll No. on the admit card. Then I punched with correct details. The most scare was of “Law” my eyes was there only what’s my law score boom it was 56 marks and I shouted yes Chartered Accountant without being scrolling down. Then I scrolled down to check my total and without knowing whether it is a rank or not I called my mom and said “mummy mein ca ban gaya”. I was not with my mom at that time but I have felt the joy of her eyes in her voice then my colleagues told me it’s 19th Rank. And then calls begin which even continued till next day.

My family supported me a lot in this whole pre journey of being CA so it’s because of their support, faith and trust I am a CA now.


I have done my internship at Khimji Kunverji & Co., Mumbai. I think internship is a golden period where you glitter more with more errors. In true sense what a Chartered Accountant is required to do, I have learnt during my internship. Internship helps a lot in terms of gaining practical knowledge, advance knowledge, practical application of theoretical concepts, increased concentration, increased sitting power.

After undergoing internship, it was much easier to study for Finals. As standards on auditing, accounting standards, some part of DT and IDT were already covered in training hence it helps a lot and even broadened my mind to easily accept the new concepts.


Till November 2015 I was sincerely dedicated towards my training. From 10th December 2015 I have started preparing for my CA finals. Other than SFM I hardly attended any lectures as most of the time I was on outstation assignment. Even SFM I have completed after sitting in three batches. So I believe tuition classes are not the only way to maintain the momentum but you can make this without even classes. As I got only 4 and half months for preparation with seven subjects untouched, it was more challenging for me to make a plan in such situation. But I believe self-study is best.


A. Study schedule
My preparation strategy was simple do it once but remembers it till last; I completed my first reading by 15th April, then I thought it is not possible to revise each & every subject hence I have done a revision of Law, ISCA, DT & IDT in 12 days till 27th April, then I started for Accounts which was first paper on 2nd May. Last one month of the preparation was the most important part of the whole preparation time I used to study for 14-15 hours on average in that last one month & before that I used to study for 7-8 hours regularly.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Accounts, SFM, Costing are my strong subject and I was weak at theories specially law hence I have used a strategy of balancing my all the strengths & weakness. Hence I have given more time to theories and less to practicals.

Books and e-sources

For Direct Tax I referred Vinod Gupta Sir’s book, for IDT Yogendar Bangar Sir’s book, Law Munish Bhandari Sir’s book and for other I have referred institutes study material & practice manual, compiler, past attempt question papers.

Mock tests

No I have not attended any mock test but yes they will definitely help you but I don’t know how much necessary they are as I have not attended any.

Rank and preparation

When I started preparing for CA final & when I looked upon the syllabus the only thought in mind was just to complete syllabus and clear it by first attempt, so I was not preparing for rank but yes after giving exams I had expectations that it can be a rank. For momentum CA final course is itself a motivator because course is so huge that you can’t think that I will do it later or during exam times.

Future Plans

Yes with regards to future plan I want to enter in corporate world only I am not much interested in practice.

ICAI Campus

For ICAI campus interview I am working on my soft skills and confidence as technical have been done so far but what is required now is soft skills so I am working on it.

Advice to fellow students

Do it with passion and joy and not take unnecessary pressure of exams and do focus on your three years practical training.