Akshay Iyer - AIR 31 CA Final May 2016 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Akshay Iyer

Hi guys, my name is Akshay Iyer. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. CA was not something I chose very much in advance. I just decided to go for commerce, went with the flow and on realising that CA is one if the best career options, I chose to pursue it. Thankfully I found it really interesting once I started preparing for it. I did manage to secure AIR 13 in CA IPCC in May 2013 and AIR 31 in CA Final May 2016.

My first reaction

Tears of joy – This is how I would explain my first reaction. The feeling that yes I have achieved what I worked for so hard and craved for all this while is something which sure took a lot of time to sink in.

I would definitely give credit to my family for their immense support, my professors for their constant guidance and of course my friends, who were always with me throughout this journey.


I did my articleship from Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP – Statutory Audit department. It gave me a lot of practical insights into the workings of various types of businesses, their functioning, etc. So to a certain extent it does help in understanding various concepts which are useful from the examination point of view.


I joined a coaching class and attended almost all the lectures. I found attending lectures was very useful as I felt that my understanding of the topic was half done in class itself. So self study for me was quicker since I could relate to things taught in class.

But in my opinion there is no necessity as such, it depends on the individual. If you feel you can understand better through self study and save time, classes aren’t needed. If you need any kind of assistance in terms of conceptual clarity etc then classes can be helpful, so its totally subjective.


A. Study schedule
My study schedule basically covered almost 2 years. From the time my classes started, until Dec 2015, I used to just spend 1 hr per day for revising what ever was taught in class that day. So this small regular revision sessions helped me a lot.

The main preparation stage started in December. I scaled the quantum of studies upwards in a gradual manner. Starting with 6 hrs and slowly increasing it to 12-14 hrs which was the maximum time I could spend studying productively per day.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
Theory subjects were my concern since I wasn’t too good at memorising stuff. But I feel the only solution to that fear was facing it by spending more time and doing those subjects again and again in a tactical way.

Mock tests

I did not attend the ICAI mock tests. But I gave the mock tests at my classes. I would recommend giving any type of mock tests or at least ensuring that you get some form of writing practice.

Rank and preparation

Of course I wanted a rank, but I realised soon that I was adding pressure on myself by thinking too much about it. Rank is something which is not entirely in our control. It depends not only on how you perform, but also on various other factors like how others perform. So I shifted my focus to ensure that give it my best shot and the rest like results etc will follow.

Future Plans

From the very beginning, I was quite sure that I would be entering the corporate world after I complete my CA and tend to take up that task now.

ICAI Campus

I plan to explore my options and maybe enter the corporate world soon.

Advice to fellow students

It’s all about those 3 Golden Words – ‘Hard work, Will power and Dedication’.

Give it your best and leave the rest. Our job is to ensure we put in all our efforts such that irrespective of what the result is, we feel satisfied that we gave it our best and have no regrets.

Everyone has their own unique style and way of doing things, so do not follow what anyone says blindly, Create your own path and success is bound to follow you.