Aishwarya Garg - AIR 32 CA Final May 2016 - Surat, Gujarat
Aishwarya Garg

I am Aishwarya Garg from the city of textiles and diamond – Surat. I secured AIR 32 in CA Final and AIR 18 in IPCC. I am basically from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and did my schooling partially at St. Mary’s Convent School, Varanasi and remaining at S.D. Jain modern School, Surat. I have been a topper throughout at school. I was topper of CBSE Western Region during SSC Exam, for which I received Amul Vidyashree Award and scholarship from Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. I secured 96.8% in SSC Exam for which I was awarded scholarship by Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. I am a commerce graduate from DRB College, Surat and secured 1st rank in college in B. Com stream.

My father is a business man and my mother is a homemaker. I have a younger brother who is an engineering student at Ahmedabad. Being good at Academics right from start, my parents encouraged me to go for the technical and exceptionally valuable course of Chartered Accountancy.

My first reaction

I was at Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad when the results were announced. Seeing results at a place, miles away from home and amidst a batch of 96 girls was altogether an experience of its kind. Honestly, I was happy and yes, I expected a rank owing to the efforts I had put during my entire journey.

I would say whatever I have achieved till date is all due to constant efforts and support of my family. My mother used to manage all my study schedules and set targets for me. My father took the onus to make me feel relaxed and motivated me. My younger brother too turned out to become a mentor to me during the preparation times, comforting me when I felt low. It was them who worked equally hard to help me see the result day.

My mentor CA Ravi Chhawchharia and the entire faculty team at Credent Professional Studies, Surat have been the biggest support right from IPCC. They have not only made my concepts and fundamentals clear, but also emerged out to be a constant support machine. When you have the best of faculties and mentors guiding, motivating and inspiring you like, success is bound to be achieved.


I did my internship from SNK & Co. under the guidance of CA Samir Shah. Articleship is one of the most valuable experience in the course as we get practically exposed to situations, which were earlier limited only to books. This course is absolutely meaningless, if we do not make efforts to learn and understand the concepts practically and gain only theoretical knowledge. Also, exam papers are becoming more practical-oriented now. Practical experiences in taxation and audit helped me a lot to understand the concepts and apply them in exams.


Everyone needs a mentor or a guide, who could help us strengthen our strong areas and identify and work upon the weak areas. CA Final students require a mentor, who can guide them and lead them in right direction. Though tremendous amount of self-study is required, yet this cannot outplay the fact that a mentor is definitely required throughout the journey of CA to help us take right decisions and strategically cover the course which is so vast and diverse.


I started right after IPCC results and made it a point to study at least for 2 hours every day during atricleship training days. This helped me get a first movers advantage. I tried to cover conceptual and practical topics during the initial 1.5 years, which takes more time but retains in mind for longer duration. I was in constant touch with faculties at my coaching institute who helped me refine my study plan. I kept theory for last 1 year and focused more on replicating the technical jargons in order to hammer that extra edge. It is very important to manage the 3 years. Every time wasted simply adds to regret at the end.

For the final 5 months, it is very important to make a proper daily schedule. I used to keep study hours not more than 10 hours a day. At the same time, I used to give equal attention to my health. 7 hours sleep, proper water intake, healthy diet, and 1-2 hours exercise and gym (being an absolute fitness freak person :P) is also very important. At times, when I used to feel stressed or frustrated, I used to devote sometime to my hobby which is painting. It freshened up my mind and rejuvenated me to go for another round of study without any pressure.

Books and e-sources

Study Materials and Practice Manuals provided by ICAI are “must-do” books and they cannot be ignored in any circumstance. Reference books are simply means to understand any topic initially. But, at the later stages of preparation, SM and PM are the core books that I focused.

  • Financial Reporting – DS Rawat for Accounting Standards, SM, PM
  • SFM – A N Sridhar, SM, PM
  • Audit – PM
  • Law – Munish Bhandari, PM
  • AMA – SM, PM
  • ISCA – SM
  • DT- RCC for Direct Taxes by CA Ravi Chhawchharia, PM
  • IDT – Vineet Sodhani, PM
  • ESources- ICAI’s knowledge portal for mocks and rtp’s

Mock tests

Yes, I attended mock tests. I feel one should make a point to solve all the 8 papers at least once before exam under exam conditions. This could be in the form of attending mock tests or solving previous year papers and mock tests at home. This is only to get confidence and written practice.

Rank and preparation

Yes, definitely I was preparing for a rank. But this was more oriented towards giving the best I can and no less. Rank is simply an outcome of all the hard work.

Future Plans

I am more interested in joining the professional area. Big4s are in my mind. Yet, the final is not settled. I am open to all the opportunities that may come up on my way. The target I have now is to gain more on my knowledge and experience during the start of my professional career.

ICAI Campus

I am preparing on the recent amendments made in Taxation aspects. Also, I am more focused on updating myself with current happenings around the world. Four weeks residential training at ICAI centre of Excellence, Hyderabad has helped a lot to develop my soft-skills, which is required for any venture I take up ahead.

Advice to fellow students

  • Make an early start and revise all the topics as many times as possible. Anything which seems impossible to understand initially will surely get easier and comfortable after every reading/revision.
  • Distractions tend to reduce concentration, and eventually may lower your preparations and confidence. Stay away from them!!
  • CA is a complete mind game. Apart from being technically sharp, you regularly need to motivate yourself and keep yourself reminding of your goals and dreams. Self-motivation and Strong determination will take you long way.
  • There is absolutely no short-cut to hard work and success. All I would say is, continue working hard and keep yourself fit physically as well as mentally for the efforts you are giving.
  • There is no need to over-strain or unnecessarily burden yourself. Keep all the myths aside. Prioritize studies, but at the same time find time to freshen yourself and give yourself breaks. Find time for your hobbies as they boost you to study more efficiently.
  • Believe in your hard work and yourself. It definitely pays..!!