Suresh Chowdary Katla
Suresh Chowdary Katla

I was born in a small village called Sobbala village of Gampalagudem mandal, Krishna dist, A.P. My father is a small farmer. So it is very hard for my father to spend more money on my education. From my childhood I want to become a business man. So I started searching for the course which has opportunities in business side and which does not become burden on my father. Then I came to know about CA course, but some people discouraged me by saying it is very difficult to pass. Whatever it may be, with some fear, I decided to prepare for CA. For this I joined inter in NARAYANA JR COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA in M.E.C group. My father even in poor condition helped me to continue my education without any problem. My relatives too encouraged me a lot. I want to say thanks to them.

My first reaction

I felt very happy on seeing my result. I was very happy that I got same mark (189) that I had estimated from the papers answer key (188.75), and all India 3rd rank. For this I want to say thanks to my parents who encourage me and my college staff, especially principal S.S Nagaraju sir who treated me like his son.


My college provided integrated coaching for CPT with my inter. I think it is necessary to take coaching. Without coaching it is very hard to get clarity in each concept, in every subject.


First of all a student has to decide “what to study and when to study”. I recommend to study unit wise from ICAI books. Complete the selected unit at a time. I prefer to study theory and problems rather than bits. After studying the theory in a unit, practise bits given at the end of each unit of ICAI book. I gave first preference to ICAI books for all subjects. But for mercantile law it is better to take the help of reference books as the ICAI book has no clarity in concept.

If you have time, after studying ICAI books, then study reference books. I can’t suggest any reference books because I had studied ICAI books only. You must to be thorough in theory of ICAI books. I am very weak in macro economics because I can think but cant memorize data. So I gave much more time to biheart data. I think it is waste of time because in exam very few questions are asked on data. So don’t give preference to percentages but it is must to memorize years, programs, missions. I recommend students to follow the order given below,

Select the subject to study > select the unit to study > first study theory in ICAI book > clarify if you do not understand any concept or if you have any doubt, by consulting faculty > after getting clarity in all concepts of unit practise bits given at end of unit.


  • It is better to prepare units in order of ICAI book.
  • It is better to complete one unit at one time.
  • Be thorough in each concept and each line even it is not a important concept.
  • Don’t practise bits without reading theory.
  • It is better to take gap between each unit. I suggest to change subject for every unit.
  • Observe the interlinking concepts.

Mock tests

I have not attended any mock tests. But I have attended week tests conducted in my colleges. I think it is necessary for students to write mock tests. Because by attending mock tests they can understand the terminology and formation of question and understand how to answer it. Practising more bits will rectify your mistakes. Some questions may have 2 or more answers don’t get confused with such questions.

But one thing to remember is that without knowing and studying concept practising bits related to that concept is of no use. It is better to practise model test papers given by ICAI only after studying all subjects and all concepts (it is not compulsory to practise them).

Rank and preparation

No, I have not prepared for rank. But I kept my final aim as to be perfect in all concepts of all subjects.

Future Plans

I want to complete CA in time and want to start business. My final aim is to spread my business brand name to all over the India.

Advice to fellow students

I advice students not to study the CPT subjects, but to learn them. First focus on concepts not on bits or MCQs. Practising more bits may bring you the good result but learning subject definitely brings you the life along with good result.