Meka Naresh Kumar
Meka Naresh Kumar

I am M. NARESH KUMAR s/o SRINIVAS REDDY. My mother name is SUREKHA and my sister is PRAVALIKA. We are from a poor background. I am in very bad condition and need financial help.

I was confident that I can achieve success in any field that I enter. Since school I have been strong with basics in every subject.

One of my goal is to meet PAVAN KALYAN. He is my inspiration.

My first reaction

I was very happy after seeing the result. I knew that I will be getting a rank. The credit goes to my parents and their hard work.


I was strong with all concepts. It is important to get good guidance.


I didn’t had any study schedule. I got perfect score in accounts and economics in inter itself. The other two subjects were covered after the inter.

Books and eSources

ICAI books are enough. First, we should be thorough with the every concept then later we can practice the bits from other books.

Mock tests

I did attended one mock test. In fact, I was the topper in that test. I think, mock tests are not that necessary for those who are studying in institutions.

Rank and preparation

I was trying to be at my best in studies. I am a smart worker not a hard worker.

Future Plans

My future plan is to complete CA and to see my parents go through a happy phase. I am very much interested in social welfare, and would like to serve society.

Advice to fellow students

My only advice is to be good at concepts and have confidence in yourself.

I want to thank all those who supported me.